Coral Seas Mermai​d

      A Tailskin is the fabric that goes over the monofin

                                1. Not for use without monofin.  
                               2. Only fits CoralSeasMermaid monofins 
                               3. Not walkable.  Closed-fin.  
                              4. Does not hold shape without monofin - fabric.
                              5. Monofin plastic changes size between 8/10 and 10/12.  

                                 Choose appropriate tail size for your monofin then request customizing if needed.

                  See website monofin page video for removing/inserting monofin (easy to do):

                           1.  Reach into tail and fold monofin in half.
                           2.  Peel tail off

                           1.  Fold monofin
                           2.  Work most of the way down into tail fin (about 3/4 of the way into one fin side)
                           3.  Reach in and pull one monofin tip into the other tail fin.


                         1.  Mermaid tails are for strong swimmers only!
                        2.  Adult Supervision absolutely required for swimming with mermaid tails!
                        3.  Purchases are only permitted if purchaser agrees to take responsibly to protect                                        the precious mermaid while she swims!