Coral Seas Mermai​d


Matching tops are available for those mermaids who want the set.  Center ring slides off to turn it into a crop-top.

Mermaid Tails

Custom sizing if needed is free with Coral Seas Mermaid mermaid tails monofin mermaid tails.

Boys' Fish Tails

Specially designed fin and great color choices just for the boys.

Mermaid Tails for Everyone


We understand that concrete and lots of mermaid swimming wear out fabric tails.   We offer inexpensive replacement mermaid tailskins to get that happy mermaid back in the water.

Mermaid Scale Shoes

Handpainted mermaid scale Converse high top shoes.

Doll lounge Chairs

Handmade wooden folding lounges with sparkly padded cushions and umbrellas.


Coral Seas' flexible monofin is designed for good looks but does aid somewhat in propulsion. Propulsion aid is less than that of hard plastic fins, but ours are break resistant and stay on when swimming!

Doll Outfits

Doll mermaid outfits for 18" doll with realistic stiffeners in the fin.  Different sized doll?  Contact with measurements for custom.