How can I contact Coral Seas Mermaid?   During certain slower times of year the website "contact page" is disabled because we rarely check site email during slow times.  You can always contact through Coral Seas Mermaid Etsy store to receive immediate response.

Mermaid Tail Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my tail last?   Rinse chlorine out after swimming, hang dry out of direct sunlight, try to avoid excessive scooting and hopping around on concrete because concrete wears foil off tails and puts holes in fabric.
My daughter doesn't really fall in any of the sizes...   No problem!  Choose your size by LENGTH and send around-waist or around-hips measurements.  We will custom make it.
If it doesn't fit do you offer refunds or exchanges?   Absolutely!  We want happy mermaids.  Obviously we prefer that you double check size when ordering but if you need to exchange, contact us and send it back.  We can refund or send another - your choice.
Can I get expedited shipping?  Shipping is USPS priority mail which typically takes 2-3 days  (Longer for holiday periods)  If you let us know it is a rush order, we can mail out the day after order (sometimes same day).  We do not overnight.
Should I size up for growth?   Generally, no.  Tails stretch a lot.  I would be more inclined to size down when close to the border on two sizes unless purchasing off-season and expecting more growth before use.

Coral Seas Mermai​d

I see the inexpensive replacement tails.  Can I size up on the monofin to use it next year with another tail sleeve?    You would probably not need to do that because monofin footholders are neoprene which stretches.  If it is very snug, the fin is easier to use, but you can easily size up or down and it will still fit .